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Top 3 Reasons that Make Online Domino Poker So Popular

Bandar Ceme – a popular gambling and betting game – has taken the world of online casinos by storm. A game very much similar to domino qui qui, it was always a very popular offline poker game in Indonesia. However, lately the game has found new fan following with the online gamblers.

So what is it that the online players find so exciting about this game?

Simplicity of the Game

One thing that all the online poker players love about this game is its simplicity. The layout of the domino cards is simple and the coloured dots are easy to read. Even in terms of the rules of the game it is quite simple. There are just two cards that are dealt and you have to just count the total number of dots on the cards in hand. The payment rules are simple. If you are a banker and the player has more dots on his card than yours then you have to pay him the amount equivalent to his bet amount. If you have more dots, then the player has to pay you the amount equivalent to his bet amount.

Number of Players

While there are many other games that restrict the number of players to just 2 or 4, this domino poker game can be played by a maximum of 8 to 7 players. This makes it more interesting because there is a constant exchange of money that happens between banker and players.

Don’t Need Expert Skill sets

This is a common man’s game. You don’t need to possess advanced mathematical skills or use statistical analysis to play this game. This means there are no big time strategies that are made. A first timer can also sit at the same table and win against experienced players.



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