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Smartphones the future of online Gambling

The fast technological advancements and an unprecedented shift from desktop use to mobile in recent past have catapulted mobile casino gaming to pole position where this niche market is growing more rapidly than ever witnessed. Networking technologies such as Wi-Fi, the Internet, and mobile data have become ubiquitous. At the same time, smartphones and tablets have continued to reach far and wide, taking mobile gaming experience to every corner of the world and consequently permanently transforming the online gambling sector. Since smartphones have become an inseparable part of our daily life, mobile gambling brings the action closer to gaming enthusiasts than ever before. Players can try their luck at becoming filthy rich as they commute, take a break at work or as they relax at home, all thanks to mobile gambling sites and apps. Indeed, more gambling operators have joined the mobile gaming market, and rightly so because there are now numerous new and existing players who can access the Internet via smartphones and tablets and stake real money at any time of day or night.

The Ever Changing World of Online Gambling

The online gambling world is also dynamic and constantly in flux. A number of changes implemented in the front and back end of online gambling has made for a more seamless experience by users of online betting sites, as well as added security features to protect end users. The number of sites in gambling world are also increasing day by day, now there are also numerous online sportsbooks site but always choose the best online sportsbook to place your bet. The competition between casinos is also increasing as the dozens of casinos are coming online, which has resulted in a significant pickup in the number of different sign-up and other promotions that are offered to customers.  In the past only desktops and laptops were able to access online casinos for gaming needs. However, increasingly, many online casino sites are creating apps and other website interfaces that work effectively on smartphones and tablet devices.

Why the craze of gambling on Smartphones?

Nearly everyone spends a good deal of time (3 hours per day on average) using a smartphone or tablet for the sole reason that these gadgets are utterly convenient. They are mobile, meaning that you can go with them anywhere, anytime. They can be used for countless tasks apart from just communicating. The average user checks on his/her smartphone up to 200 times a day, probably to check date and time, post a status on either of the many social media sites, undertake some calculations, check out the latest news, listen to music or search for something on the Internet among other tasks. With such conveniences and top speeds in accessing mobile gambling platforms, it is only fair that online casino gaming shifts from personal computers to mobile.

Mobile casino apps versus web-based online casinos

Presently, many industry operators offer mobile casino apps that boast of personalized features which enable players to access the gaming platforms promptly and expediently on smartphones and tablets. Mobile gambling websites usually try replicating gambling sites available on desktops, but using a web-based platform on mobile yields a different experience compared to personal computers due to the various distinguishing features and proficiency of the two media. For instance, on the one hand, a web-based mobile casino closely resemble the desktop version of the respective website and doesn’t require any software to be downloaded or installed. On the other hand, mobile casino apps must be installed on the smartphone’s system since their designing is attuned to the particular mobile gadget and access is through a menu link.

Challenges with Smartphone and Tablet Access to Online Casinos

Smartphones and tablets are really just mini computers in many ways. Much of their functionality mirrors laptops, albeit with less computing power and with a smaller storage size than traditional computers do. However, their small size needs to be compensated for in the form of easier to use interfaces on websites or in apps that creates a cleaner interface for users versus on a laptop. Controls are often simplified in these online models with some functionality being removed, but with the critical features being left to allow for efficient playing on the smartphone or tablet device. Further, this functionality needs to be effective for a variety of different devices that may have different sizes and operating systems.

The popularity of gambling on smartphones has increased so dramatically over the past few years. This trend is surely set to continue at an exponential rate, and with the continued improvement of mobile technology, we are sure to see some interesting developments in the years to come.

Written by: Shah Web Analyst Group of Online Advertising Company


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