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How to Optimize Your Odds of Winning Slots

Playing slots is extremely simple, and all you need to do is choose a bet and spin the reels. It is arguably the easiest game in most online casinos, however if you are looking to optimize your odds of winning there are a few things that you should know.

The first is that all slots are controlled by a number known as the payout percentage. A payout percentage is simply a value that the slot machine will pay out over time, and for online casinos it tends to be around 90%. What that means is that over the long term the game will pay out 90% of what is put into it.

While it is impossible to know the exact payout percentage of a particular game of slots, there are ways that you can look it up and at least get a rough idea. That is why avid slots players tend to gravitate towards certain games – if the payout percentage is better.

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In addition to the payout percentage, you should also figure out exactly what type of bet you want to place. Generally most games of slots will require that you play the maximum bet in order to unlock the bonus multiplier and be eligible for the jackpot. As such, it is normally inadvisable to play anything less than that.

Needless to say your odds of actually winning a jackpot in progressive slots is slim to none, which is why some players prefer fixed slots instead. Although that will mean you won’t stand a crack at a huge jackpot, the smaller jackpot on these slots has far better odds.

Aside from that you should also make sure that you manage your bankroll carefully. In particular you should make sure that you set a fixed budget beforehand, and choose a denomination that is reasonable based on that budget. Typically you’ll want to choose a denomination that gives you at least about 100 spins on your budget.

It is worth noting that while these tips should help you to generally optimize your odds of winning slots, they are not universally applicable. Nowadays there are tons of new games with additional features such as monkey thunderbolt, and the same approach may not apply.

Assuming you are playing a new style of slots, be sure you familiarize yourself with its rules and how it works. Some such as highway kings may follow traditional slots fairly closely, but many others will not.


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